Weekend in Moscow: the exhibition of Macevoy, the play «Berdichev» and the new Haneke

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobanks of Moscow winter. Archival photoWeekend in Moscow: the exhibition of Macevoy, the play «Berdichev» and the new Haneke© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Exhibition Taus makhacheva the «Cloud, cling to the mountain,» plays «Berdichev» and «the Swan» and displays pictures of Austrian Michael Haneke «happy ending» will be held in Moscow in the last weekend of January.


In the Moscow Museum of modern art hosts a solo exhibition by Taus Makhacheva «Cloud hanging over the mountain.» The exhibition consists of stories related to the modern Dagestan. Stories begin all the works of Russian artist and their narrators are «native speakers»: ordinary people, everyday things and objects of decorative art, natural landscape, traditions, family stories and institutional archives. They are filled, are saturated with details and new information as clouds, suddenly taking more recognizable subject form. Through an appeal to the local context, the artist touches the theme of skonstruirovannye history and cultural heritage, the presence of ethnic and national clichés in a globalized world, understanding and reactualisation the experience of the past colliding with the realities of today.

In the Tretyakov gallery opened an exhibition that will introduce the Moscow audience with eight works by Russian artist Karl Briullov. Portraits from the private collection of St. Petersburg included in the exhibition, performed by Briullov in different periods of creativity. They demonstrate a kind of typological structure of the portrait image: ceremonial and intimate image, group family portrait, equestrian «portrait walk», self-portraits.


At the Moscow academic theatre of a name of Mayakovsky will show «Berdichev» on the play by Friedrich Gorenstein, who is known in Russia primarily as the author of the scripts for the films «Solaris» by Andrei Tarkovsky and «Slave of love» by Nikita Mikhalkov. «Berdichev» is the Saga of postwar life, spanning thirty years — from 1945 to 1975. In the center of the story – the fate of two sisters, Rachel and Zlota, and their families.

«This play is not only Jewish families but also the very concept of family. Rachel, the main character, ruining her daughter’s life and greatly affects the fate of their children, and all others. But the more they try to become dissimilar parents, so obviously more between them appears similar. The history of the family is always a conflict between old and new generation. Gorenstein also it is. But through the conflicts in this family comes through affection, love that deep secret, there are very strange, subtle relationship between people», — says performance Director Nikita Kobelev.

In the Meyerhold Center, the actors Studio School of the Moscow art theatre will show «Swan» directed by Yuri Kwiatkowski. In the story, in the near future, the Federal migration service makes a decision about granting citizenship through poetry exam. Migrants learn poetry to impress the workers of the FMS. One of them do it — it falls for the most severe of officials.


On Russian cinema screens out drama classic Austrian Michael Haneke about a French bourgeois family who is immersed in their family troubles and seem to be so devoid of feeling that everything that happens inside their home and abroad, they have absolutely no interest.

The lack of empathy affected all generations of the family — from the old man, Georges, who is so tired of life that he was ready to kill her himself to 13-year-old eve, ready to drop the attempted suicide of his grandfather on a mobile phone. It is noteworthy that the film is set in the town of Calais in Northern France, which is one of the main hubs for migrants in Europe, but the bourgeoisie, these problems are not at all interested.

Also in the «Pioneer» to watch the satirical Comedy the Armando Iannucci «Death of Stalin», which the Ministry of culture revoked the rental license. The Director of the TV series «In the thick of things» and «Vice President», the winner of the «Emmy» of Iannucci is their version of the difficult political situation in the Soviet Union after the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. In the genre of political satire, he describes the days before the funeral of the national leader, when the struggle for power among Stalin’s entourage. The main role in the film played by Steve Buscemi, Jason Isaacs, Rupert Friend, Andrea Riseboro. Iannuci combines absurd humor with inhuman cruelty.

The film caused a negative reaction of Russian society, even before they be released. So, a number of public figures and cultural workers appealed to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky with a request to suspend the distribution licences of the film for a more thorough analysis of the painting for compliance with the Russian legislation.