Czech experts on chemical protection train Iraqi counterparts

© 2018 AFP / Ahmad AL-RubayeИракские military. Archive photoCzech experts on chemical protection train Iraqi counterparts© 2018 AFP / Ahmad AL-Rubaye

Czech military experts on chemical protection, flew in Saturday to Iraq, where they will share their experience of local military personnel, told reporters on Saturday the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic Karel Sletova.

«We bid farewell today to a business trip in Iraq 12 chemists. Chemical defense is one of our specialties, specialists from Liberec regiment will share their rich experience with the Iraqi soldiers. This is one of our significant contribution to the stabilization of the situation in Iraq,» said Sletova.

She reminded that Iraq is already working as pilots and aircraft technicians, training of local personnel in the management of the Czech L-159 fighter jets, as well as police trainers, previously, there was also quartered a field hospital.

Speaking to reporters commander of the Iraq-bound unit, major Peter Brad reported that the Czech military will train local colleagues in a specialized school, located at the base Al-Taji North of Baghdad. «We need to teach them to conduct radiation, chemical and biological survey of the area and people, as well as chemical cleaning of people, equipment and materials,» said Brad.