Death under the sea: why drowned losing my mind

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Although the fruit of nine months lives in the water, and swimming is good for health, the aquatic environment for humans. Drowning can anyone — child, adult, well-trained swimmer… And rescuers have not much time to save not only life but also mind.

To overcome the tension

When a person drowns, water gets into his lungs. But why can’t people at least not long to live, drawing oxygen from the water? To understand this, look at how the person is breathing. Lungs are like a bunch of grapes, where the bronchi branch out like twigs of shoots, many Airways (bronchioles) and are crowned with berries — the alveoli. The fibers in them are compressed and unclenched, letting oxygen and other gases from atmosphere to blood vessels or letting out CO2.

«The updates need to make breathing movements, involving the intercostal muscles, the diaphragm and muscles of the neck. However, the surface tension of water much more than air. The molecules inside the substance are attracted to each other evenly because all sides have neighbors. The molecules on the surface of smaller neighbors, and they attract each other stronger. So, to the tiny alveoli able to draw in water, from the complex of muscles requires much more effort than breath of air,» — says the doctor of medical Sciences Alexey Unruhen, head of Department of normal physiology First MSMU named after I. M. Sechenov.

In the lungs of an adult human contains 700-800 million alveoli. Their total area is about 90 square meters. It is not easy to tear apart even smooth glass, if between them is a layer of water. Imagine what efforts when inhaling you need to apply to unstick such a huge area of the alveoli.

In the popular TV series «Game of thrones» is an episode. Pretender to the throne committed to the kings in the following manner: head held under water until he stops to flounder and to show signs of life. The body is then pulled to shore and wait for the man himself breath, coughed, and stand. After that, the applicant acknowledges the sole ruler. But the creators of the series broke reality — making a series of breaths in the water, the body gives up and the brain ceases to send signals about what we need to try to breathe.

Doctors warn that if people have already gone under the water, the lifeguard is just a minute to save him. The sooner the victim to remove water from the lungs, triggering a gag reflex, the more chances of a full recovery. It is important to remember that the drowning man rarely pretends to be shouting or active attempts to stay afloat, it simply lacks the strength. So if you suspected something was wrong, better to ask if everything was okay and if there is no response, to take measures to rescue the drowning.