In the Czech Republic ended the second round of presidential elections

© AP Photo / Petr David Oakville in the Czech Republic. Archive photoIn the Czech Republic ended the second round of presidential elections© AP Photo / Petr David Josek

In the Czech Republic at 14:00 (16:00 GMT) finished voting in the second round of the presidential election, citizens had to choose between the two candidates: the current head of state miloš Zeman and ex-President of the Academy of Sciences, jiří Dragos. The vote is traditionally held over two days, Friday and Saturday, no serious accidents on sites is not fixed.

«Voter turnout in the second round, according to preliminary data, was slightly higher than in the first (12-13 January) when the ballot boxes come the accounting period 61.92 percent of the 8.5 million registered voters,» said Republican statistical Department.

The Agency expects to complete the counting of votes by 18:00 (20:00 GMT) Saturday. It is expected that the advantage of one of the candidates is minimum, it showed, and recent public opinion polls.

According to sociologists, Zeman voter base consists mainly of residents from villages and small towns, generally older people, with low levels of education, conservative.

To the supporters of Dragos include the urban intelligentsia, successful managers, students and young professionals. In addition, five of the seven eliminated after the first round of applicants to the castle, urged his supporters to vote in the second round for Dragos. The same bowed their constituents and leaders of right-wing parties.

Zeman previously held the posts of Chairman of the Czech social democratic party (1993-2001), Chairman of the Parliament (1996-1998) and Prime Minister (1998-2002), when the Republic joined NATO (1999) and was preparing to join the European Union (2004). In 2013, Zeman won the first direct presidential election and on March 8 of that year was sworn in as head of state. Zeman 73.

Dragos is one of Europe’s most famous chemists in 2008-2017 years he headed the Academy of Sciences of the Republic. During this period he managed to prevent the pressure from various politicians, trying to reduce significantly the level of funding of scientific institutions. Political experience Dragos did not actually have. In February, he’ll be 69 years old.

Supporters of Dragos noted its focus on strengthening cooperation in the Czech Republic with the EU and NATO, support of anti-Russian sanctions. In turn, Zeman, according to them, «pushes» the Republic to the East, trying to reconcile it with Russia and China, advocated the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

In the first round of the election, Zeman has garnered 38.56 percent of votes, Dragos took second place with 26.6 percent.