In the Odessa region more than 20 settlements remain de-energized

© Fotolia / ѕеап824Линии power. Archive photoIn the Odessa region more than 20 settlements remain de-energized© Fotolia / sean824

More than 20 settlements in the Odessa region of Ukraine remain without electricity due to bad weather, reported on Saturday the press service of the civil service of the country for emergency situations.

Previously, forecasters warned of worsening weather conditions in Ukraine. Last week more than 700 settlements in ten oblasts remained without electricity supply, it gradually resumed. On the eve of the remained de-energized for more than 30 settlements in the two areas.

«Remain de-energized 21 settlements in the Odessa region», — stated in the message of the state service for emergency situations.

To the restoration of power supply of settlements involved teams of regional energy companies.