In the UK, will create a radar in case of «Russian aggression» in the air

© Photo : MoD / Crown copyright 2018 Construction of a radar station on the island of Unst, UK. 26 Jan 2018In the UK, will create a radar in case of «Russian aggression» in the air© Photo : MoD / Crown copyright 2018

UK will get the radar on the island of Unst (Shetland).

As reported on the website of the British Ministry of defense, the device will allow the air force to monitor space in the area of the Norwegian sea. Military believe that the radar will strengthen the combat capability of the UK in terms of «increased activity» of Russia.

«We will always defend our skies from Russian aggression. The radar vital to the security of the UK, as we respond to increasing global threats and improve our ability to answer them,» — said the head of Department, Gavin Williamson.

According to him, «Russia’s actions are not confined to the Eastern frontiers of Europe», so the threat to British «real and acute».

A new RAF radar facility reinforcing the UK’s ability to track aircraft will be powered up ready to operate soon. @ChiefofAirStaff visited the site of the new £10m Remote Radar Head facility at Saxa Vord, Unst, Shetland, to inspect its progress. Read more

— Royal Air Force (@RoyalAirForce) 26 Jan 2018.

The cost of the radar is 10 million pounds. After commissioning it will be included in the national center for rapid response dealing with the protection of the airspace of the UK.

The British military is not the first time turn to the topic of «Russian aggression». So, the defense Minister Gavin Williamson said «Moscow’s plans for the destruction of critical infrastructure» in the UK. About the same previously, and warned the head of the British General staff Nicholas Carter.

In the Russian defense Ministry explained these assumptions to the «struggle for money» — the defence budget — and advised, «mirror phobia» head of Department «in children’s comics or the TV series «Monty Python».

In the UK, will create a radar in case of «Russian aggression» in the air© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podictionary round