In Voronezh plan to install Japanese technology on four streets

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Alexxx Malev / Voronezhvtormet. Archive photoIn Voronezh plan to install Japanese technology on four streetsCC BY-SA 2.0 / Alexxx Malev / Voronezh

The Japanese system of traffic control may be set more on the four streets of Voronezh to the end of the year, said Friday the regional government.

In November 2016 Voronezh was chosen as the first Russian city, where, together with Japan implemented a pilot program to improve the urban environment. One of the projects, implementation of intelligent traffic management ARTEMIS, which was established in Voronezh Japanese company Kyosan Electric. Friday, January 26, acting Governor Alexander Gusev has met with the delegation of Japan, to summarize the implementation of the pilot project «combating traffic congestion (intelligent traffic lights)» in Voronezh.

«Smart» traffic lights appeared at ten intersections throughout the Plekhanovskaya street and Moskovsky Avenue – from the intersection of Plekhanov and the Koltsovsky to the monument of Glory. Already installed support, sensors, and controllers, and the system is connected to fiber-optic communication lines. The main objective of the system — increase the capacity of intersections through proper allocation of time of burning green light. The head of development of the adaptive traffic light systems of Kyosan Electric Notake RETA reported that the traffic lights have already shown their effectiveness.

«We analyzed the throughput of Voronezh of intersections that implemented the intelligent traffic control system ARTEMIS. On average, ten intersections were able to improve throughput by 28%. The measurements were performed during peak loads on the road network», — said the representative of Kyosan Electric.

Employees of the Japanese company explained that the testing period is excluded the weekend, and now he will continue this summer and snowy weather affects the driving quality and the results of the measurements.

According to Gusev, is now considering the possibility of installing «smart» traffic lights on four of the Voronezh streets — Brusilov, Dimitrov, 20 years of October, Koltsovsky. The latter will connect with the already equipped plot to Plekhanov and Moscow Avenue.

«The installation of ARTEMIS on new streets could begin before the end of 2018», — stated in the message of the regional government.

As said Gusev, for this, regional authorities will seek support from the Federal Ministry.

«But even if it is not, we are going to install traffic lights,» said acting Governor.

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