Inaccurate surveillance: the experts criticized the idea of tracking miners

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The idea of tracking miners in Russia on energy consumption has not caused support among market participants. The main question is how the authorities understand the bills of consumers, which they mined cryptocurrency, not watch TV or heat the apartment, said RIA Novosti interviewed experts.

Earlier on Friday, the newspaper «Vedomosti» with reference to the concept of regulation of mining from the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation said that the Agency plans to allow mining to citizens and businesses and to provide miners of the quota of electricity and a special rate, to identify them will be the bills for electricity.

It is expected that there will be a special detection system miners – the structure of consumption of current Internet traffic in order to correlate the capacity of mining equipment with the amount crypto miner declare on the crypto currency exchange. For a start, miners wait two years tax holidays, the continuance of which they will be required to maintain accounting records; after a vacation of a legal entity will pay income tax and VAT – will not be; what the tax will pay private miners, the concept is not said. The concept is not accepted until February 1, it will finalize and send to the government.

Inaccurate surveillance

The experts noted that the track mines whether the consumer in his apartment cryptocurrency or download a series of films, it will be extremely easy. «It’s hard to say how realistic the effective implementation of monitoring activities of miners,» — said the head of the Department of Russia and CIS cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX Altan Kolev.

Member of the expert Council of the state Duma on legislative maintenance of development of financial technology and co-founder of the international network of professional investors in the digital assets CryptoLife Peter Dvoryankin believes that to really calculate the miner will be on the horizon from one to three quarters, depending on the temperature conditions of the region.

«The fact that my grandmother, which works around the clock heater with the same power, is no different from a miner with a small farm with a capacity of 1 kW/h. we are not prohibited From stable round-the-clock electricity consumption and despite the innovation and originality of ideas, as well as its likely long-term prospect, not the fact that she can give 100% result with 0-ing accuracy,» said Dvoryankin.

«By the way, if you put in the Krasnodar region and Crimea, environmentally friendly solar panels or a wind turbine, and they will generate electricity, the concept of the Ministry of communications will remain not at Affairs», — he added.

According to the senior analyst «Alpari» Roman Tkachuk, to catch the miners, the authorities will be extremely simple. «To prove the occupation of mining is not so easy, even if you calculate a high consumption of electricity and Internet traffic of miners. If «farm» is currently disabled, to prove that she was five minutes ago was engaged in mining almost impossible,» he said.

«Determination of miners on the profile of their energy consumption and Internet traffic will be very difficult to implement, because to distinguish that consumes electricity, mining, farm or household heater is virtually impossible, and private virtual networks allow you to encrypt traffic that does not allow to allocate miners among the many people in Russia watching videos in social networks», — said the Director of the Center for economic research of the University «synergy» Andrey Koptelov.

Co-founder search platform on the blockchain BitClave Vasily Trofimchuk, in turn, is assumed, in which case it would be possible to identify the miners.

«Identification of miners would be possible if the meter was connected to the Internet and logitravel power periodically, at least once per hour. So the removal of the miners from the shadows, apparently, it is assumed mainly due to tax holidays. The earnings of the miners to communicate with their power consumption generally is not possible. As they bottom dozens of different coins, the rate and complexity of the networks which constantly change,» he added.

Similar views and editor Ivan Volin. «The question arises – how will be look? About the tracking of electricity consumption, all more or less clear and obvious, but most serious miners choose their locations on the plants and in close proximity to power plants, where, first, just do not get, and secondly, there really to hide the equipment. So as before – the problem the regulation will apply only to very large miners, and the private sector will remain in the shadows,» he said.

«Today, one farm on the cards installed in the Moscow apartment of approximately five to six times pays for the cost of electricity, and its power consumption is only slightly higher than 1 kW/h», — the expert added.

Tax issue 

Inaccurate surveillance: the experts criticized the idea of tracking miners© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photomontagist considers the prospective use of plants for Miningworks tax on miners has caused discontent in the majority of market participants. According to them, it is not clear how will be the tax on the profit obtained cryptocurrencies. In addition, such a move may force the part of the miners to pass to full anonymity.

«Don’t see the point in taxing miners. Logistics costs exceed costs, and then — what do we want? To become an attractive country and breathe life into your energy capacity or collect pennies and reduce the attractiveness of a new industry? The state will receive a lot of indirect benefits if the miners all over the world here rush,» said President of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) Yuri Pripachkin.

«And why control of miners, what is the meaning of public policy? To distinguish the support for any blockchain network from the generation of new coins is impossible. It’s the same as trying to nalogooblozenie the Internet», — he said.

Inaccurate surveillance: the experts criticized the idea of tracking miners© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobacteria — registration: miners of the cryptocurrency will impose analogamente pointed to a lack of clarity about vyschityvanii tax profit. «It is absolutely not clear how to calculate the tax on earned cryptocurrency. First, the Ministry of communications really can’t see what mainil people what currency. For this we must also declare their wallets, and then — just to make it so that nobody will see when adherence to formal rules. Second, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. How will be calculated the tax base of the asset for the year increased 10 times, and then for the month fell 2 times?»—he said.

The same opinion the Economics commentator Maksim blant. «Mining want to equate entrepreneurial activities, to impose taxes and to create a system of catching those who do not want to legalize and pay taxes. Given the fact that rates of cryptocurrencies are volatile, their return is not guaranteed, it may many turn away from mining in Russia», — he said.

Tkachuk believes that the tax could force the miners to pass to full anonymity. «In our view, the private mining should not be taxed. Otherwise, a considerable percentage of miners will want to remain anonymous,» said he.

Inaccurate surveillance: the experts criticized the idea of tracking miners© Fotolia / Jakub Krechowicz Than the new year is rich: «outrageous predictions» from Kopenhagener noted Koptelov, even a tax holiday for a period of two years will not lead to the exit of miners from the shadows. «As in the case of self-employed, which for the duration of the initiative came «out of the shadows» less than 1000 people, despite the active involvement of all government benefits» — he brought an example.

«Control of decentralized information systems is quite complicated initially, and so it makes no sense to create another system of prohibitions that can be around the simplest ways to allow mining, and through reduced tariffs for electricity and Internet traffic to ensure output of miners, «from the shadows» to work with them, not additional taxation,» he said.