Published videos of the missing ship «East»

© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia for the Primorsky klausbachtal are searching for the missing in the sea of Japan the vessel EastPublished videos of the missing ship «East»© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia for the Primorye territory

Video missing the «East» where the ship fills with water and freezes ice, published on the official website of the Primorsky territory administration.

On the morning of 25 January, the fishing ship «Vostok» has ceased to go in Primorye, it triggered the distress beacon. According to the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office and the shipowner, on Board 20 people. According to the spascenter, on the site searching found two life jacket, two life buoy, fishing buoy, household garbage and mooring Cove. Investigators opened a criminal case.

«So we go from Zarubino, I was afraid the bridge out, is there flooding, is now somehow going to break, because I live right down there where the ice is. A big Hello to all… I’ll get through this,» says the author of the video.

As explained RIA Novosti the representative of the regional administration, this is the last video sent from the ship «Vostok», but the exact date of recording unknown.

It is noted that the video was sent from South Korea agent that sent the ship.

Earlier in the place of the search found two life rafts from the ship «Vostok», both were without people.