Size matters: how ended the era of tablets

© Depositphotos / georgejmclittleКоллекция smartphones and tabletsSize matters: how ended the era of tablets© Depositphotos / georgejmclittle

The tablet fever that has swept the world, is nearing completion. The device that predicted the role of «killers» laptops more and more are gathering dust on the shelves and lying around the house with their owners. In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, the tablet market has been falling for the fourth consecutive year. Rapidly replacing their smartphones with a big diagonal of the screen. Finally finish tablets capable hybrids — laptops-transformers with a full keyboard. The pour oil on the fire, and the ubiquitous Chinese. What started the tablet boom, super why gadgets have become the outsiders and what will the transformation of the mobile market — in the material RIA Novosti.

iPad goes on stage

The heyday of the tablets occurred at the beginning of the tenth years. iPhone made the mobile market revolution, the industry has seen the triumph of Apple and the confusion of its competitors. Several years later, the Corporation caused aimed blow to the PC market. The first iPad Steve jobs presented in January of 2010, in November the sales of devices launched in Russia. Observers have noted: come so-called-PC era.

Apple removed the cream: more than half of all sales were products of the American Corporation. The line joined the iPad Mini with a screen size of 7.9 inch. And soon the second popular standard market tablet computers began a seven-inch tablet.

Tablet fever has led to the fact that they are, in General, did all and Sundry — from the heavyweight of the PC market to Dell manufacturer Maxell tapes.

Tablets, is rapidly losing popularity, on the contrary, significantly, cheaper. At the dawn of the tablet boom tablet cost an average of 20 thousand rubles, now half — nine thousand rubles.

If the average phone enlarged to handle multimedia content, the laptops have increased in performance and become easier.

What «pill» is still inferior to laptops, revealed in 2016, the poll Delloite. Analysts have offered 30 thousand respondents to choose the most suitable types of devices for 15 different activities — from watching television to video chats and online purchases. The results surprised: the tablet was the preferred device in any of the categories.

The tablets were originally positioned as a «computer on the move». But it does not say, the tablet doesn’t have a full keyboard. Manufacturers have solved this problem by using the so-called convertible notebooks with detachable keyboard and screen-a tablet with touch controls.

Does all this mean that the tablet will soon come to an end? Skeptics do not rule out that in a few years it will rise in line with the long-dead navigators and e-books. Like it or not, one thing is clear: these devices will never be massive. The fate awaits them a niche product. For example, the popular gaming platform for kids and entertainment device in travel.