The inhabitant of Murmansk region sued the husband’s door with the divorce

© Fotolia / evgeniykleymenovЗамочная well. Archive photoThe inhabitant of Murmansk region sued the husband’s door with the divorce© Fotolia / evgeniykleymenov

The inhabitant of Severomorsk Murmansk region, meticulously following the court’s decision on the division of marital property was taken from the apartment in the divorce of his stuff, and also the front door, according to the website of the bailiff service of the Murmansk region.

As explained by the marshals service in the execution was the case of the division of jointly acquired property by the former spouse and the ex-wife’s eviction from the apartment.

«According to the court, the debtor was to transfer the property to the former spouse the portion of the jointly acquired household items and in a certain period to vacate the premises of their stay,» explains the Agency.

In the term established by court, the woman performed the solution by passing to the spouse his, and the time came for her to leave the apartment, called the bailiff and said that she freed the living space.

«Bailiff, together with the creditor, former spouse, left in place for the validation of the words of the debtor. Imagine their surprise when they saw that the lady came to the execution of the court decision literally… is the front door to the apartment hung a carpet», — told the police officers.

Perturbed claimant had to explain that the court’s decision does not say that the debtor has no right to take the apartment door. Executive production over the actual execution.