Bill gates has invested $ 40 million in the creation of «superkorovy»

© AFP 2018 / Saul LoebАмериканский entrepreneur and public figure bill gatesBill gates has invested $ 40 million in the creation of «superkorovy»© 2018 AFP / Saul Loeb

The founder of Microsoft bill gates has donated more than $ 40 million nonprofit organization GALVmed working in genetic research and creation of vaccines for livestock. It is reported portal Business Insider.

The billionaire visited the University of Edinburgh, whose experts will work on the project. It is noted that the money will go to creating the «ideal cow», which combines the characteristics of European and African individuals — high performance and endurance in hot conditions.

«The effectiveness of every dollar spent here is very high. We can get a cow with the same vitality will produce four times more milk» — leads edition of the words of gates.

Appolinaire Djikeng, director of @ctlgh_info based at Roslin, talks about how the work of the Centre is helping improve livestock health and production in Africa.
Bill Gates pumps millions into a quest for supercow

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Earlier the businessman proposed to create such cows through artificial insemination.

Bill gates regularly donates money to charities and research projects. According to the magazine Forbes, the founder of Microsoft has reached $ 92 billion.