«Defectors» scene: ballet dancers, who escaped from the Soviet Union

© AP Photo / Paul G. BurnettРудольф Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov at a press conference in new York«Defectors» scene: ballet dancers, who escaped from the Soviet Union© AP Photo / G. Paul Burnett

Outstanding dancer, choreographer, actor, photographer, art collector and owner of the famous restaurant «Russian samovar» Mikhail Baryshnikov January 28, marks the 70th anniversary. In 1974, during a tour of the Bolshoi theatre in Canada, he decided not to return to the USSR. As with many «defectors», for him the decision was easy. But the main argument for was the freedom of creativity. RIA Novosti recalls the Soviet ballet, who remained in the West.

Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev was famous not only as an outstanding dancer, but also as the reformer of ballet, giving it in the second half of the twentieth century began to develop male dance. Nureyev’s creative legacy is enormous: he created a multitude of editions of classical productions, and for many years danced with Margot Fonteyn, and later headed the Paris Opera ballet. Being seriously ill, he tried himself as a conductor.

Natalia Makarova

Makarova danced for American Ballet Theatre (American ballet theatre, which is now, incidentally, is headed by Alexei Ratmansky) was the guest star of the London Royal ballet, performed by troupes the world’s largest theatres. For her staged performances is one of the best choreographers of the twentieth century, Roland Petit. In addition to Nureyev, she went on stage with other people later in the West — Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alexander Godunov.
In the late 1980s, thanks to the efforts of former colleagues, Natalia Makarova returned to the stage of the Kirov ballet, performing some fragments of the production of John Cranko’s «Onegin». Now living in the USA.

Mikhail Baryshnikov
Left in 1974 in the West during the Bolshoi theater tour in Canada, Baryshnikov immediately received an invitation to one of the best companies in the world — American Ballet Theatre (ABT). Later he invited me to dance George Balanchine, and in 1988, Baryshnikov returned to ABT as artistic Director already.

As a dancer, he was known for his incredible jump. It is known that his creative search is never limited himself by the classical repertoire: Baryshnikov actively engaged in contemporary ballet, dabbled as a dramatic actor on stage and in films (his track record is nominated for «Oscar» and participation in the popular TV series «sex and the city»).

Alexander Godunov

Tall, handsome, blond and beautiful dancer, Godunov consistently attracted the attention of the public dancing in Large, was a welcome partner for many soloists. However, in America his stage career did not work out. After receiving the original invitation the same American Ballet Theatre, where Mikhail Baryshnikov danced and later he was unable to extend the contract with the company. Evil tongues said that a former classmate Mikhail Baryshnikov seen in the Godunov serious rival and, using his influence prevented his career.

In 1985 Godunov stopped dancing and began acting in films, playing multiple roles of the second plan. In 1995 died at the age of 45 years.