Finns elect a President: from feminism to populism

© Fotolia / Oleg PodzorovВид at the port in Helsinki, Finland. Archive photoFinns elect a President: from feminism to populism© Fotolia / Oleg Podzorov

On Sunday, the citizens of Finland elected President of the country in the fight for the top post involved eight applicants from different experience in political and public life of the country: the political «long-livers», taking part in the presidential election is not the first time, and newcomers alike.

The RIA Novosti correspondent visited the polling stations in the capital region and learned, what choice do the citizens of Finland.

The first time

To participate in the voting citizens of Finland may 18. Ritva Korhonen decided to vote for the first time in my life being close to home polling station, which is located in the building of the high school district Suutarila in Helsinki. She presented the member of the electoral Commission the electoral card, which Ritva received in the mail two weeks ago, and a plastic card identity. Her data were included in the computer, and she received the envelope, which had invested reminiscent of the postcard of paper — this is the Finnish version of the Bulletin.

«Why I can vote now, for example, with 16 or 14 years, I was not clear. I was also a member of the society, I was interested in social issues, decision-making mechanism in society. And over the years this interest has grown,» says Ritva, expanding the newsletter. On his left side written in both Finnish and Swedish (the two official languages of Finland): «the Presidential election. The first round of» on the right side you need to put the number of the candidate, which meant your voice.

Ritva chose room 6. «Tuula Haatainen (room 6) close to my views of feminism, and the fact that, as Minister of education, she has eased the pressure on us (students) made the exam in Swedish a voluntary language. I believe that women in the country’s leadership should become more, and maybe the world will become friendlier,» said Korhonen.

Relations with Russia

One of the main themes of the presidential campaign was Russia, or rather the relationship between the two countries. The issue of neighbourhood considers important and Maria-Helena Varys, who voted at a polling station in a school in the district Lansimaki in Vantaa.

«It is important to continue the existing policy of good neighbors, and when Finland may decide with the help of Russia and Russia is not worried about its borders. There must be peace in the country, neighbors, and community. So it was number 8 (Sauli Niinistö),» — said Waris.

Much depends not only on Finland and its neighbours, but also from other countries, said Varys. «I want crazy behavior of some leaders stopped that crazy populist ideas disappeared from the agenda and it became clear how to be and what to do to ordinary people. My choice is to hope for stability, for a secure and stable environment», she concluded.