In Primorye, clear video, allegedly filmed on the missing ship «East»

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The authorities of Primorye on Sunday reported that their published on Saturday a video from aboard the ice vessel, which was made for the missing in the sea of Japan the «East» made, probably, on another ship.

On the eve of the regional authorities has published a video in which ice the ship fills with water, and its author comments on the events. The representative of the administration of Primorye said that this is the last video sent from the ship «Vostok», but the exact date of recording unknown.

«On Saturday, January 27, in the administration of Primorye was the video sent to the authorities of the region an agent of a vessel video shot by crew boats. However, after detailed examination of the record the information that it is made from the side of the «East» were not confirmed», — is spoken in the message of administration of region.

According to authorities, the video image of the icy vessel, mistakenly taken for the missing «East», passed by the agent, who was also connected to a search ship. The Director of the shipowner, LLC «DV-FLOT» Stanislaw Malczewski said that, it’s probably the video was filmed from another boat.

On the morning of 25 January, the fishing ship «Vostok» has ceased to go in Primorye, it triggered the distress beacon. According to the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office and the shipowner, on Board 20 people. Investigators opened a criminal case. According to the spascenter, on the site searching found two life jacket, two life buoy, fishing buoy, household garbage and mooring Cove. On Saturday they found two of the raft, the people on them were not.