Investigators called the possible cause of the fire in a hostel near Omsk

© Fotolia / WellphotoПожарные work at the scene. Archive photoInvestigators called the possible cause of the fire in a hostel near Omsk© Fotolia / Wellphoto

Investigators SC opened a criminal case under article «causing death on imprudence to two and more persons» after a fire in a hostel near Omsk, who, according to preliminary data, occurred because of the ignition of the appliance, according to the Investigative Department of the RF IC in the region.

According GUMCHS, the message on a fire in a five-story dormitory in the village Novoomskiy Omsk district arrived at 05.30 local time (02.30 GMT). Units of gas and smoke protective service, rescued 50 people by ladder ten. Before arrival of fire protection independently evacuated 90 people. According to the UK, killed five people, including two minors, 13 and 14, seven people went to the doctors.

«According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was the ignition of the appliance, where the victim is 23-year-old boy about 05.20 local time (02.20 GMT) began to prepare the food. The exact causes of the fire will be established during fire-technical examination», — stated in the message. A criminal case under article of the criminal code «causing death on imprudence to two and more persons».

According to preliminary investigation, the fire occurred in one of the Dorm rooms on the fourth floor. The neighbors, feeling the smoke issued from the room of the victim 23-year-old man and called emergency workers. During the fire from acute poisoning with burning products have died living in the neighborhood of 36-year-old woman, her 12-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son and a neighbor, a woman at the age of 44 and 23 years.

Hospitalized 23-year-old young man, in a room that caught fire. For medical help with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning turned six people, two of whom were hospitalized.