Marbles: why do officials and cadets of the outrageous video shoot

Still image from video taken by officials of the Ministry of forestry of the Orenburg regionMarbles: why do officials and cadets of the outrageous video shoot

Several scandals have erupted lately because of YouTube-hosted videos. First, the Network got a two-minute clip, filmed by cadets of Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation (UIGA). In it, young people dance in their underwear and caps. After that, in the Internet appeared the video, where the officials of the Ministry of forestry and hunting of the Orenburg region is actively drink and dress like women. RIA Novosti has tried to understand what pushes people to record these videos.

Future pilots

Stripped to his underpants and wrapped the harness to students of dance twerk and lick bananas under the famous track Satisfaction. Sounds like an announcement for an exotic party, but in fact the brief content of the clip, filmed by future pilots in Ulyanovsk. Later, one of the heroes of the video sorry that took part in the risque shots. «The spot was filmed in October. Little did I realize that began an independent adult life. Not used to the regime,» he wrote in an explanatory note. Video recording he called the reckless childish act.

The Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit, however, found no violations. The Governor of the region Sergey Morozov first attacked the cadets with harsh criticism, but then cooled down and urged not to ruin their lives. «Guys have to understand that form always imposes additional responsibility and certain standards of behavior,» taught the youth the head of the region.

Supported the cadets even pensioner from Saint-Petersburg. Older women in lab coats carefully repeated movement of young people. It is interesting that, according to the poll, people in the age of the destiny of the Ulyanovsk cadets care more than young people. Record dance reviewed 63 percent of respondents aged 60 years and older. Another 18 percent «heard something» about it. At the same time among Russians between 18 and 24 years, the proportion of viewers or interested in the roller is less than half (45 percent).

It is known that the videos filmed over five years, and they kept almost every desktop computer of the Ministry in closed access. «About two months ago one of the officers seized a computer for carrying out a check, seized along with its contents,» said a source in the Department.

Candidates for the Darwin award?

Between Ulyanovsk and Orenburg — a few hundred kilometers, but the similarity of videos is obvious. In both clips the men dance and undress. The main differences is the age and status. This was said to the Governor of the Orenburg region. «You can close your eyes to the stupidity of young Ulyanovsk cadets. But the age and position of these «artists» allows them to claim only for the Darwin award (awarded to those who have died because of their own stupid behavior. — Primas’. ed.)» — he was indignant.

President of center of strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov, in turn, believes that it is necessary to distinguish between personal and working life. «The rollers can be infinitely touching and talented, but at his workplace officials necessary to perform duties. The use of public resources for their needs, including entertainment, is a violation of the law on civil service. The work of officials paid by taxpayers. It is unlikely that people will be pleased to know that their money goes into the preparation of the skit,» expresses the point of view Abzalov. And he adds: the behavior of officials is strictly regulated in many countries.

Sorry if now already former employees of the regional Ministry of forestry of participation in exotic video — unknown. Maybe they will talk about it in the next series. But outside the office and without an office car.