NASA revealed the unique star cluster in the constellation Sail

© NASAСнимок the Hubble space telescope an ancient globular cluster called NGC 3201NASA revealed the unique star cluster in the constellation Sail© NASA

NASA published a picture of the star cluster NGC 3201, made using the orbital telescope Hubble.

Globular cluster NGC 3201 is located at a distance of about 16 000 light-years from Earth toward the southern constellation Sail. It was discovered in 1826, and scientists are still trying to solve the mystery of its origin.

Not long ago, astronomers have discovered a black hole lurking in the center of NGC 3201. Her situation was solved by a strange movement of the stars, quickly swirling around a massive unseen companion.

In addition, the accumulation has unusual properties that make it unique among the more than 150 such phenomena belonging to the milky Way. In particular, NGC 3201 has an extremely high speed relative to the Sun, and its orbit is retrograde.