Near Yaroslavl year-old girl fell into a coma after beating

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Sedentarily. Archive photoNear Yaroslavl year-old girl fell into a coma after beating© RIA Novosti / Alexey kudenko

A resident of Yaroslavl region detained on suspicion in the brutal beating of two-year daughter of his concubine, the child fell into a coma, said on Sunday the SUCK of the Russian Federation in the region.

«Last night Boris and CRH in critical condition was taken year-old girl with a diagnosis of scmt (closed cherepno-a brain trauma, ed.), multiple contusions to the head, body, limbs. The child was urgently transported to a hospital in the city of Yaroslavl. Girl in a coma», — stated in the message.

In fact the incident a criminal case on torture. On suspicion of committing crimes arrested an unemployed 25-the summer cohabitant of the mother of the victim. It is reported that the man was earlier repeatedly came into the view of law enforcement.

«According to investigators, the suspect being at the place of residence, in the apartment of one of houses of the village Borisoglebsky, has beaten the daughter of his concubine. Note that the family was dysfunctional», says the investigation.

During the investigation, the investigation also intend to give a legal assessment of the actions (inaction) of officials of bodies of system of prevention on the subject of negligence.