The British foreign office condemned the attack in Kabul

© AP Photo / Massoud Node from the explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan. 27 Jan 2018The British foreign office condemned the attack in Kabul© AP Photo / Massoud Hossaini

Use to commit a terrorist act ambulance despicable, said the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, expressing condolences in connection with another terrorist attack in Kabul.

The explosion occurred on Saturday in the diplomatic quarter of the capital of Afghanistan Wazir Akbar Khan, where a number of embassies and government buildings. Many buildings were damaged, they smashed the window. The responsibility for the explosion took the radical movement «Taliban»*.

According to the latest data, the death toll in the blast had risen to 103 people, another 235 were injured. It is reported that the explosion made a suicide bomber on a booby-trapped ambulance.

«I am shocked and appalled by yesterday’s terrible attack in Kabul and strongly condemn it. The use of the ambulance vehicle as a way of attacking citizens deserving of contempt… Express condolences to the victims and their families», — it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency a written statement, Johnson.

According to him, UK and Afghanistan are on the same side in the fight against terrorism. Johnson urged to find and bring to justice involved in the attack.

«Yesterday’s attack suggests that it is vital that all parties (the political process in Afghanistan) has intensified dialogue. Regional and international partners must be unified in implementing this goal,» said Johnson.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia