At the plant of CNPC Corporation in Taiwan was a strong fire

© Flickr / 士航 魏Тайвань. Archive photoAt the plant of CNPC Corporation in Taiwan was a strong fire© Flickr / 士航 魏

A major fire occurred Monday morning at a refinery, the Chinese Corporation CNPC in Taoyuan in Taiwan, the data about victims or victims did not arrive yet.

The incident occurred at 6.42 am local time (1.42 GMT) when one of the boilers located at the plant, for not yet known reason, exploded. According to local media reports, before the fire was heard a loud Bang. A company representative reported that the explosion occurred in the second workshop of hydrodesulphuration during restarting of the equipment, but the cause is not yet known.

Judging by the video, the fire could be seen from quite a distance. According to the channel, a burning plant was visible from a distance of four to five kilometers. The sound of an explosion was heard close to residential homes.

Firefighters work at a place, rescuers and police. To date, the fire has been brought under control.