Cub miniature African antelope born at the Moscow zoo

© Photo : official website of the Mayor and the government of Mosquiettes miniature African antelope in the Moscow zooCub miniature African antelope born at the Moscow zoo© Photo : official website of the Mayor and Government of Moscow

Cub miniature African antelope, or dikdik, was born in the Moscow zoo, a pair of adult animals give birth for the third time, reported on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

A pair of miniature African antelope brought to the capital from Dresden in 2015.

«The first two months of life the baby will feed on breast milk and then gradually switch to adult food — grass and leaves. Dikdik eat very much but drink, on the contrary, very rarely, because they have enough of moisture contained in the food. We are very glad to completion and I can not stop looking at the baby, it’s so touching» — presented in a press release quotes the Director of the Metropolitan zoo Svetlana Akulova.

According to the information on the portal, now the baby dikdik weighs about 500-600 grams. Immediately after birth, he first stood on his feet in front of relatives. Its unusual name the animals had one curious feature: if they are alarmed or sense danger, then hiding in the bushes, uttering a sound, «Dik-Dik».

To see a happy family in the exhibition «Hoofed animals of Africa». Newborn dikdik is in the tent where the mother-antelope thoroughly protects him from prying eyes. The zoo has warned that visitors should be quiet from the enclosure, because the animals feel the danger or hear the unexpectedly loud sound as they instantly hide in the tent.