Customs officials have tightened control over purchases of Russians abroad, the media are writing

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in foobarcontroller customs. Archive photoCustoms officials have tightened control over purchases of Russians abroad, the media are writing© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

Custom became quickly learn about the expensive purchases of Russians abroad, the newspaper «Vedomosti».

«Returning after the Christmas holidays, some wealthy Russian travelers are faced with an unpleasant surprise at the airport they were met by customs officers, armed with a list of their expensive and undeclared purchases», — the newspaper writes on Monday.

With the problems faced by many customers of business jets, said a person familiar with the leaders of several operators of business aviation: increased customs control. Among those caught there are big businessmen, and civil servants, said a staff member engaged in private transportation. Just started more than 40 examinations of such goods worth about 200 million rubles, said the publication of a Federal official.

Duty-free in Russia can be imported bought abroad things worth up to 10 thousand euros. With amounts above this threshold must pay a fee of 30%, otherwise face a fine, confiscation of goods and even criminal liability.

Information about expensive purchases, the customs officers receive from abroad through two channels: through a system of tax free from foreign law enforcement authorities, the newspaper said a law enforcement officer. Both channels, he said, fully earned in November and December. The number of violations is growing, confirmed by a representative of FCS, most of them in the «Sheremetyevo». December 2017 was thwarted by a few tens of attempts to smuggle expensive watches, jewelry, clothing and accessories of all brands, he said.

Access to information about issued abroad tax free is the tax, and using their base — and customs officers have explained the publication, senior lawyer of «Yegorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners» Alexey Karimov. Information exchange happens very quickly, so after putting a foreign customs stamp on the VAT refund information about the person purchasing it and the flight and get to the Russian customs, he said.

The second channel is the exchange of information between law enforcement authorities is used for expensive purchases and not depend on receiving tax free, said the interlocutor of the newspaper in law enforcement. Exchange of information is established, the interaction occurs at the 296 international agreements and MOUs on customs cooperation, confirmed to the newspaper the representative of the FCS.