Electronic cigarettes and VAPI can prohibit the use in transport

© Fotolia / nitoДевушка with the electronic cigarette. Archive photoElectronic cigarettes and VAPI can prohibit the use in transport© Fotolia / nito

Electronic cigarettes and VAPI Smoking will be forbidden in airplanes, public transport, playgrounds and elevators in houses, but Smoking may be allowed in office «Smoking rooms» and in the open air, to the bill, which is published on the portal regulation.gov.ru.

The Ministry of industry and trade of Russia prepared the draft Federal law on state regulation of turnover-nicotine products and devices designed to Smoking alternative.

Under the bill, an alternative Smoking will be prohibited in educational institutions, premises of state authorities, cultural institutions and medical institutions, sports objects. The use of wapow and electronic cigarettes will also be prohibited in airplanes and all types of urban and suburban public transport, on the playgrounds, in the elevators of apartment buildings.

«The use of devices designed for consumption of nicotine by a means other than tobacco Smoking in workplaces and working areas, organized in the premises is allowed in specially allocated places in the open air or in isolated rooms, which are equipped with ventilation systems, in the presence of the employer», — added in the document.

According to the anti-Smoking law now Smoking cigarettes is prohibited, including in educational and cultural institutions, airplanes and all types of public transport, and also on distance less than 15 meters from the entrance to railway stations, airports and metro stations. Moreover, cigarettes do not smoke at workplaces and in working zones, in elevators and common areas of apartment buildings.