In the Belgian Parliament made a resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia

© AP Photo / Francois WalschaertsЗдание of the Belgian Parliament in Brussels. Archival photo.In the Belgian Parliament made a resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia© AP Photo / Francois Walschaerts

In the Belgian Parliament introduced a resolution on lifting the economic sanctions against Russia, said the leader of the party «Vlaams Belang» Filip DeWinter.

«We introduced the house of representatives, Federal Parliament of Belgium a resolution calling for our government to initiate the European Council the lifting of sanctions the EU against Russia», — quotes DeWinter Sputnik International.

Earlier, the MP spoke out on the need for the abolition of anti-Russian restrictions. «They are not only inconsistent with international law, but they are also unjust and completely counterproductive for Europe,» said DeWinter RIA Novosti last Wednesday. According to him, due to the sanctions regime of the Belgian exporters annually lose 1.5 billion euros.

The EU imposed restrictive economic measures against Russia in the summer of 2014 on the background of the conflict in Ukraine and later expanded them. The leaders of the countries-EU members in March 2015 tied their action to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. In December, the Council of the European Union decided to extend economic restrictive measures against Russia until July 31, 2018.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to domestic conflict or subject of the Minsk agreements on its settlement. Russia responded to European sanctions, has embarked on import substitution. Moscow has repeatedly stressed that talking with Russia language of sanctions is counterproductive.