Israel and Poland will begin negotiations on the problematic bill

© AFP 2018 / Stephane Maupillier Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Archive photoIsrael and Poland will begin negotiations on the problematic bill© AFP 2018 / Stephane Mahe

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with his Polish colleague Mateusz Morawiecki about the beginning of negotiations about the Israelites rebelled bill on introduction of criminal liability for attempts to accuse poles of complicity with the Nazis during the Second world war.

The Jewish authorities require to adjust the initiative, accusing its authors ‘ willingness to distort the historical truth about the Holocaust.

«Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke tonight on the phone with the head of the Polish government Mateus Moraweck. They agreed that the negotiating group of the two countries will immediately start a dialogue to try to reach an understanding about the bill,» — said the office of Netanyahu.

The package of amendments to the law on the Institute of national memory provides up to three years in prison for statements that can be interpreted as an attempt to put the poles complicit in the crimes of Nazi Germany, including the genocide of European Jewry. The same punishment, according to the document, introduced for the promotion of the ideology of Bandera and the denial of the Volyn massacre during the war Ukrainian nationalists.

The bill was on Friday adopted by the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish Parliament, and must pass two more stages of approval.