It has become known, which will be devoted to the text of «Total dictation-2018»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotoannunci during the annual stock verification of literacy Total dictation-2017 in the audience of Novosibirsk state University In NovosibirskIt has become known, which will be devoted to the text of «Total dictation-2018»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

The text of the international promotion of literacy «Total dictation-2018» will be included in a new novel Guzel agenoy the «my Children» and will focus on one day in the life of a teacher of the German literature – the inhabitant of the German colony on the Volga.

«The text was not easy, but I am glad that the Advisory Council agreed that it will be included in my new novel «my Children», dedicated to the fate of the Volga Germans, the fate of the German autonomy on the Volga from 1918 to 1941. I didn’t have to come out of that great subject, in which I was deeply immersed. Texts napisales easy,» he told reporters at the same time.

She explained that he wrote three texts for different time zones. They are called «Morning», «Afternoon» and «Evening» and talk about the one day teacher of the German literature by the name of Bach.

«This is a colonist, he lives in the German colony on the Volga. And on 14 April, I invite all to know that this settler and school teacher were doing in the morning, afternoon and evening,» said the author of the dictation.

Guzel Yakhina added that he hopes that her new novel that’s already written, will be released in may 2018. On it now is editorial work in publishing.

The capital of the «Total dictation», which in 2018 for the first time was determined by the results of the competition, has become the city of Vladivostok became the leader of the online voting — it was given to almost 26 thousand votes and votes cast by the jury. In Vladivostok will be organized the main area of the project, where on April 14 the author of the novel «zulaikha opens his eyes,» Guzel Yakhina read the text of the dictation 2018. Anyone wishing to write a dictation the dictation of the author of the text can do this in real time: from the main auditorium of the shares is to be broadcast live.

«Total dictation» is an annual event in the format of voluntary dictation for everyone. The first event was held in 2004 in Novosibirsk. The authors of the texts for dictation in different years was Boris Strugatsky, Dmitry Bykov, Zakhar Prilepin, Dina Rubina, Alexey Ivanov and others.