Netanyahu, in Moscow to discuss the middle East providing security

© AFP 2018 / Stephane Maupillier Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Archive photoNetanyahu, in Moscow to discuss the middle East providing security© AFP 2018 / Stephane Mahe

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the intention to discuss common efforts to ensure security and stability in the middle East.

«Today I want to talk to you about what is happening in our region, about our common efforts to promote security and stability,» Netanyahu said.

He noted that another topic of conversation should be the bilateral relations of Israel and Russia. «Our conversations, our meetings that we hold from time to time, no doubt, give much security and stability. And I am sure that this will continue,» he said.

A meeting of leaders held at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre in Moscow. Netanyahu said that today the challenge is to curb the attempts of revival of Nazism.