Old enemy: diseases that we never won

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Smallpox, anthrax, leprosy — these terrible disease now a thing of the past. In the last century humanity managed to get rid of many deadly diseases. But not all. New age and increased life expectancy has brought us a whole bunch of ailments, and to fight them is far from complete.

Life-saving vaccination

Today, the emergence of many serious diseases prevent with vaccination. Speaking of such diseases as hepatitis b, tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, rubella, mumps. Vaccinations against them are included in the mandatory list, which was based on the maximum possibilities of infection and severity of disease. Instill in childhood and continue on the appropriate calendar every ten years. Out of this whole list only incurable polio. The virus affects the nervous system and causes total paralysis in severe cases or various deformities of the spine and extremities.


The media regularly inform the public about the progress in the fight against one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases, but is not yet fully clear even to its causes. Scientists are inclined to accuse one of the beta-amyloid protein in the destructive effect on brain cells. There is also a hypothesis on the occurrence of neurofibrillary tangles in the brain of patients with Alzheimer’s because of irregularities in the structure of the Tau protein. Do not exclude a hereditary factor since the disease often strikes those whose relatives suffered from dementia.

In asthma the bronchial tubes are chronically inflamed. Bronchi treat systematic inhalation of glucocorticoids. However, like all drugs, they have side effects, so treatment is carried out intermittently. Asthma can play sports, work, lead an active lifestyle. But in case of a sudden attack at hand it is always better to keep the saving inhaler.

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Similar is the fate of those who suffer from diabetes. Only regularly taking meds, doing the injections with a healthy diet and a number of constraints, diabetics can lead a normal life. In type I diabetes the body does harm to itself, destroying the beta cells of the pancreas and inhibiting the production of insulin, a hormone that helps break down glucose. Without it, the glucose concentration in the blood increases, which in severe cases can lead to coma. Injection of insulin to support level of glucose in the body is normal, but to cure diabetes is impossible. It remains to wait for the moment when scientists will make a full artificial pancreas.