Permanent representative to the Council of Europe assessed the results of the PACE session with cautious optimism

© AFP 2018 / Johanna LeguerreСовет of Europe in Strasbourg. Archive photoPermanent representative to the Council of Europe assessed the results of the PACE session with cautious optimism© AFP 2018 / Johanna Leguerre

Russia’s permanent representative to the Council of Europe Ivan Satanovsky, with cautious optimism, assessed the results of PACE winter session, which took place last week.

«The prerogative of evaluating the activities of PACE and, in particular, its winter session belongs to our parliamentarians, who have already given your comments… its part considering the last session with cautious optimism,» said Satanovsky for RIA Novosti, adding that «the PACE there is an understanding of the need for dialogue in resolving the current crisis.»

He recalled that last fall there was a report of the current Chairman of the PACE Michele Nicoletti on the need to harmonise rules of functioning of the statutory organs of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers and the parliamentary Assembly. «On this basis, on the sidelines of the last session was held the meeting of the ad hoc Committee of the PACE Bureau with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy and Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev,» — said the Russian permanent representative.

Satanovsky reminded that the meeting was offered a relatively intense work schedule of the Committee, who must submit to the Bureau their proposals at the June session of the Assembly.

Answering the question about how the Subcommittee meeting affected until the crisis of relations between Moscow and the PACE, Russia’s envoy acknowledged that to date, the relations of Russia with the parliamentary Assembly have not changed, the Russian delegation continued to participate in the work of this body.

«At the same time, the beginning of the work of this Committee is an important step on the part of the parliamentary Assembly. In fact, PACE recognized the existence of a crisis and the need to overcome it through dialogue… there is a Growing understanding that the illegal deprivation of voting rights of delegations not consistent with the principles of parliamentarianism and the rejection of dialogue doesn’t solve the problem, but only makes it worse,» said Satanovsky.

According to him, the establishment of the Committee — «it is not a gift to Russia, it is the desire of the Council of Europe to conform to their own principles of equality and pluralism». However, the Russian permanent representative noted that to evaluate the work of the Subcommittee yet, the need to wait for the results.

«We have repeatedly stated its readiness for a substantive and constructive dialogue to overcome the crisis PACE, but the success of this process is a necessary and reciprocal steps on the part of the parliamentary Assembly», — he stressed.

Speaking about the future development of relations of Russia and PACE, Satanovsky noted that much will depend on the work of the Committee, on how effectively he can cope with his task and bring the PACE of the current crisis. «Because in order to speak about the further development of relations between Russia and the parliamentary Assembly, our country should have the opportunity to participate fully in its work without any conditions and restrictions», he concluded.

Russia, with 2016 sends required for accreditation of their delegations in the PACE documents. In 2014-2015, the Russian Parliament was deprived of voting rights and other rights in the sessions because of the position on the Crimea. Moscow has repeatedly made proposals to resolve the crisis, including an idea to consolidate the document, the regulations, the inadmissibility of the imposition of sanctions in relation to national delegations. While PACE did not respond to the Russian proposal.

At the end of June last year, the Russian side stated that it intends to suspend some payments to the budget of the Council of Europe for 2017 as long as the credentials of the delegation to PACE will not be restored in full. Despite the suspension of the payment of an instalment, the Russian side has continued to work on ratification of Convention of Council of Europe documents.

Permanent representative to the Council of Europe assessed the results of the PACE session with cautious optimism© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)