PSB requires the minority shareholders to back 16 billion rubles

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria terminal in the office PSB. Archive photoPSB requires the minority shareholders to back 16 billion rubles© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Cash requirements of the PSB for the three non-state pension funds (NPF), who were shareholders of the Bank and four companies on the claim for annulment of transactions on the exit of the Bank’s capital exceeds 16 billion rubles, should be published in the court’s determination.

«In the order of application of consequences of invalidity, the plaintiff sought to recover more than 16 billion rubles from all the defendants,» reads the judgment.

Defendants in the lawsuit PSB, entered by the court on January 22, indicated Promsvyaz Capital B. V., JSC «NPF «the Future», JSC «APF «Safmar», JSC «NPF «Trust» and management companies NPF — LLC «UK investment Management», JSC «IQ g Asset Management», JSC «And g Kapital partners». The plaintiff demands to declare invalid the agreement of 14 December 2017 and related transactions, «mediating the purchase and sale of shares». In addition, it requests to apply the consequences of invalidity of transactions.

In court definition it is said that all related transactions, according to the plaintiff, was made on 14 December 2017, one day before the publication of the Bank of Russia of the decision on reorganization of the PSB in the period from 18:13:59 18:49:31. The defendants, as the plaintiff knew of the decision by the Bank of Russia, as was the largest minority shareholder in PSB, which together belonged to the 20,02% of the ordinary shares of the Bank. According to the plaintiff, invalid transaction was made, including on the Moscow stock exchange for the sole purpose of creation of visibility of legality.

The arbitration of Moscow has refused promsvjazbanka in the interim measures on the suit. The plaintiff requested to allow him to fulfill the requirements of JSC «And g Kapital partners», the Trustee of NPF «the Future», about the return of open PSB deposits and accrued interest on the amount of deposits in the total amount of more than 12.4 billion rubles. The court, in particular, indicated that the plaintiff had failed to give reasons as to the scope of liability of JSC «And g Kapital partners» and JSC «APF «Future» when the General requirements for the seven defendants to 16 billion rubles. Preliminary hearing on business is appointed to February 22.

As of 29 November last year, before the announcement of the reorganization of PSB, Ananiev brothers via Promsvyaz Capital B. V. owned from 50.03% stake in PSB, NPF «Future» — 10%, NPF «Safmar» — 6,19%, NPF «Doverie» — 3,81%. On reorganization of the PSB the Central Bank announced on December 15, the day before the announcement of the pension funds out of the Bank’s capital. Central Bank in turn said that he intends to conduct a financial investigation of transactions on the stock exchange of securities of the Bank on the eve of the announcement of the reorganization.

In January it became known that on the basis of PSB will create a reference Bank for operations for defense procurement and major government contracts. Banking support of the state defense order will be implemented simultaneously with the regular operations of the Bank. In the property of the Russian Federation Promsvyazbank will be transferred during the first quarter of 2018, then he will capitalize.