Seaside hunter told his version of the incident with the tiger

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. Hunter, who, according to him, was attacked by a tiger in Primorye, says that the predator was wounded, according to ANO «Center for the study and conservation of the Amur tiger».

Earlier, the authorities of Primorye reported that the Amur tiger has attacked two hunters in the Olga district, Primorye, one of them is hospitalized with lacerations to the head and left hand. The second was not injured. The General Director of ANO «Center of Amur tiger» Sergei Aramilev said earlier RIA Novosti that it is still unknown what kind of predator attacked the people. Group of the centre for the resolution of conflicts with wild animals went to the place to check. From the surviving hunter was unable to obtain information about the incident. When his wounded colleague came to, he said that he was attacked by a tiger, and he was forced to kill the predator.

According to hunter, before the meeting with the tiger he was checking traps in the woods.

«Attack of the tiger is almost never unprovoked. According to information obtained from the victim, the tiger already had wounds. If this is true, then this really is the reason for the attack. Often large predators injured from a man trying to take revenge, but not always under their «hot hand» gets the right person,» — said Aramilev.

According to him, to examine the testimony of hunter will be comparing the relative position of the traces of man and tiger, as well as when receiving the results of the examination of the corpse of the tiger, if it is detected.

«Now no data of the actual perpetrators can be as man and tiger. And there may be a third option — when both became hostages of the illegal shots, which embittered the predator,» — said Aramilev.