The lead singer of the Rasmus spoke about the impact of Russian songs for the band

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photomonteur Ulanen. Archive photoThe lead singer of the Rasmus spoke about the impact of Russian songs for the band© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The soloist of the Finnish band The Rasmus Lauri Ylinen told how Russian music has influenced his work, and the songs from the new album differ from the rest of the bands hits.

Finnish band in the spring of 2018 will embark on a major tour of Russia. The band plans a month and a half to visit 22 cities, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. According to lead singer Lauri Olenina, Russia every time amazing and inspiring musicians.

«My parents often listened to the song «Million scarlet roses» when I was a kid. It seems to me those melodies that are born in my head, somehow it affected. Many Russian songs are very beautiful melodies. Of course, I do not understand the words, but I think that Russian music and our common,» said Ylanen at a press conference.

He added that carries a small figurine Cheburashka and crocodile Gena from the famous cartoon. The musicians admitted that they are inspired by Russian cuisine, especially the soup. «We are even thinking to write a song with the same name. This is a very powerful word, perfectly fits with the music!»joked Ulanen.

The musicians said that many cities in the Russian tour they will visit for the first time, although before played not only in Moscow and Petersburg but in other parts of the country, which allowed them to gain popularity Russian fans. «Russia is huge, so different from each other regions of your country, and that’s the beauty… We plan to travel by planes, trains. It’s a great adventure — said the soloist team Lauri Ylinen.

According to the artist, the Russian concerts The Rasmus will play, as recognized by hits In the Shadows or Living in a World Without You, and songs from the new album Dark Matters, which was released in October last year. «This album is our musical style has changed a bit, we experimented with the sound. We’re trying not to repeat myself, but some points remain unchanged,» — said the musician. He said that the team arranges a competition for teams who want to perform their opener. According to Olenina, early in his career many famous bands supported them: The Rasmus performed as the opening act for Metallica, The Garbage, HIM, which allowed them to win the sympathy of the public.

The Rasmus was formed in 1994 in Helsinki. World fame they won in 2003 after the release of the album Dead Letters. One of the most famous of their songs — the song In the Shadows.