The media learned about US plans to create a 5G network «for protection from China»

© Fotolia / DragonImagesМужчина working on the laptop. Archive photoThe media learned about US plans to create a 5G network «for protection from China»© Fotolia / DragonImages

The national security team from the office of the President of the United States Donald trump is planning to establish a national ultra-fast 5G wireless network to protect against threats from China, according to the publication Axios, citing caught at his disposal documents.

«Officials <…> consider the option of an unprecedented takeover of the national mobile network for protection from China. <…> According to the documents, America needs to create a centralized national network 5G», — reports the edition.

In the next six to eight months, in particular, to discuss the financing of the project.

The need in the short term to create a 5G due to the fact that «China has reached a leading position in the production and operation of network infrastructure» and became «the dominant threat agent information sphere».

As writes the edition, there are two scenarios for the development of the new network: either the government will establish the national single network, or to allow private providers to create their own 5G network. However, according to the source, «the second option is not an option» because «it is the single, centralized network is necessary to protect America from China and other threat agents.»

Experts drew attention to the fact that «flip side» of this project will be «aggressive intervention» of government in the functioning of the market of private providers that «disrupt the business plans of the largest U.S. telecommunications and technology companies».