The second candidate for the presidency of Egypt filed documents at the last moment

© RIA Novosti / Fayed El-Generirati in fotoangelo in the Old city of Cairo. Archive photoThe second candidate for the presidency of Egypt filed documents at the last moment© RIA Novosti / Fayed El-Generirati the image Bank

The acting head of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is considered as the only registered candidate in the upcoming March presidential elections. The deadline for applications to the election Commission expires after two hours, writes news portal «Youm7».

The only competitor of the incumbent Egyptian leader could still be the head of the Egyptian party «Tomorrow,» Musa Mustafa Musa. The day before he passed a medical examination and, theoretically, can time to submit the necessary documents to the electoral Commission until 14.00 local time (15.00 GMT).

A few days ago, two major Egyptian party — left «Tagammu» and liberal «Wafd» has decided not to nominate its own candidates for presidential elections. They decided to support al-Sisi.

Last Saturday, the national electoral Commission of Egypt the beginning of reception of documents of potential candidates on presidential elections, the first round of which will take place in late March. The candidates had ten days to gather the necessary documents and registration. Current Egyptian President El-Sisi announced his intention to participate in elections a week ago. Staff his campaign has complied with all necessary procedures for registration as a candidate. The head of state has already passed a medical examination, the conclusion of which is necessary for official registration as a candidate.

Earlier, the national electoral Commission of Egypt expelled the former chief of the General staff of the armed forces Sami Anan from the electoral register, depriving of the opportunity to participate in the elections due to the fact that he continues to be listed in active military service. At the same time, from participation in the presidential race, refused a lawyer and human rights activist Khaled Ali and the head of the popular sporting club Zamalek Mortada Mansour.

If the current President will be the only registered candidate in the election, the vote will take place. It is enough to support five percent of the registered voters to re-take the presidency. January 31, the election Committee of Egypt will publish the preliminary list of candidates in presidents of the country, and the number of support their citizens.