Vest for gun owners may become target for criminals, says expert

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in fotobanka weapons in the gun shop. Archive photoVest for gun owners may become target for criminals, says expert© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka the image Bank

Vests with labels for speakers of civilian weapons can create an unstable situation in society, in some instances, these jackets can serve as a «target» for criminals, Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the public organization «gun rights» V. Vaneev.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the faction «Fair Russia» Oleg Nilov said the «parliamentary newspaper» on the development of a bill that would force gun owners to wear special vests or markings, as the law enforcement officials.

«This is discrimination in the manner of how the Nazis forced the Jews to wear the star of David, Yes. An important factor is the introduction of additional instability in society because of the person holding the weapon, do some kind of Scarecrow make some kind of monster. And if more people be like vests to wear, then people will just shy away,» commented van initiative.

He said that instead of having to deal with crime, «lawmakers and part of the law enforcement agencies are trying to move our attention from real problems» — the fight against crime, illicit arms trafficking, crime prevention.

Van also noted that in some instances, these jackets can serve as «target» for criminals. «If the culprit encroaches on the property of a person, the man himself, and if he will see that there is a man with civilian weapons, it is likely that it will first be attacked by people with these weapons. This man was attacked in the first place,» — said van.

In his opinion, the person holding the weapon can operate covertly to prevent the crime.

The expert said that according to statistics, «30 thousand people a year are sentenced for murder with knives, axes, crowbars, and somewhere in the region of 50 thousand dead from drugs.» «If you look at different statistics, to a maximum of 500 people die per year from civilian weapons. And is it worth a damn these designations?»summed up van.