A resident Priangarye after leg amputation sued 100 thousand rubles

© Fotolia / DmitrydesignerРоссийские rubles. Archive photoA resident Priangarye after leg amputation sued 100 thousand rubles© Fotolia / Dmitrydesigner

The Ust-Ilimsk city court has collected from clinic 100 thousand rubles in favor of the patient, which, due to improper treatment, lost his leg, reported the press service of the court.

It is noted that the inhabitant of Ust-Ilim three times appealed to the surgeon of city hospital №2 with complaints of swelling of the right foot. First, the woman was sent for hospitalization in which she was refused due to lack of space. After a second inspection received a referral to a rheumatologist. To a specialist due to the large queue, she managed to get only 10 days later. The rheumatologist recommended the patient to re-consult with the surgeon. Only after the third treatment she was admitted to hospital. However, conservative treatment of her has not helped, and the doctors performed the amputation of the right leg at the upper third of the thigh.

As the message of the court, the experts found that a doctor-surgeon of Ust-Ilimsk city polyclinic №2 «during the primary and repeated examinations were installed improperly diagnosed and was not the correct doctor’s tactics of conducting the patient».

«The court satisfied the claim of the inhabitant of Ust-Ilim on compensation of moral harm, caused to health in the provision of substandard medical services. With MUCH «Ust-Ilimsk city polyclinic №2″ in the plaintiff recovered 100 thousand rubles at the expense of compensation and legal expenses», — stated in the message of the court.