In Buryatia has transferred in court business about beating of pensioners from Germany

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. The court in Buryatia will consider a criminal case against five young men aged 17 to 20 years, accused in the beating and robbery of two pensioners from Germany, who within a month were on a trailer in Buryatia and neighbouring regions, and in the day of the attack stayed the night in Ulan-Ude, to view sports celebration surharban, told RIA Novosti the official representative of SUS’k of the Republic Dmitry Stolyarov.

According to the investigation, in early June, 2017 on the trailer in Buryatia arrived two pensioners-tourists from Germany. During the month foreigners went to Baikal in neighboring regions, and then returned to Ulan-Ude where I wanted to visit the national sports festival surharban. A couple parked near the Hippodrome, where horse races took place. In the evening after watching the races, the foreigners returned to his trailer. Later past their cars were five young people who participated in the race as riders. Drunk young men saw a car with foreign plates and decided to Rob its owners.

According to the SC, they ran to the car and began to shake her, to force the people inside the van of the foreigners to leave. Then one of the suspects ripped the license plate from the vehicle and began to demand money for its return. After the young men broke down the door of the van, pulled out one of the aliens and began to beat him. One of the attackers then ran inside the residential part of the car, from where stole an expensive camera. Young people stole a purse with money. The result of assault the victim suffered damage amounting to almost 300 thousand rubles. With the stolen things, the attackers fled. The next day some of them took part in the race, but immediately after the competition, all the participants of the attack were detained.

«Currently the investigation is completed and positive conclusion directed on consideration in court», — said the representative of SUCK.