In St. Petersburg returned with a re-examination of the case Lenenergo

© Depositphotos / SergPoznanskiyМужчина signs the documents. Archive photoIn St. Petersburg returned with a re-examination of the case Lenenergo© Depositphotos / SergPoznanskiy

The Moscow district court of St. Petersburg on Tuesday returned to the Prosecutor with a repeated consideration of criminal case concerning the former General Director and Director for Finance of JSC «Lenenergo» sentenced to 4 and 3 years of General regime colony, respectively, on charges of abuse of power, reports United press-service of the courts of Petersburg (OPS).

According to investigators, the former General Director «Lenenergo» Andrey Sorochinskiy and ex-Finance Director Denis Slepov placed in the accounts of the Bank «Tavrichesky» more than 13 billion rubles, as a result, the company was unable to timely fulfill obligations to other organizations and paid penalties amounting to more than 228 million rubles. Action Sorochinskaya and Slepova has led to the fact that «Lenenergo» till 2035 will not be able to freely dispose of more than 10 billion rubles, placed on accounts with the Bank «Taurian».

The Moscow district court of St. Petersburg on 10 may sentenced to four Sorochinskaya, and Slepov to three years of colony of General regime, recognizing both guilty of crimes under part 2 of article 201 of the criminal code (abuse of powers entailing serious consequences). The St. Petersburg city court on 22 December upheld the appeal on the convictions and sent the case for retrial, both defendants were released under a recognizance not to leave.

«The court saw the indictment of significant contradictions that do not allow you to make legitimate and reasonable verdict,» the statement reads.

Earlier it was reported that both of the defendants not pleaded guilty, claiming that the damage in the wording of the indictment is not confirmed by any economic studies. Upon application of the defendants, all their actions were agreed with senior management of the Corporation «Russian grids».

According to the United press service of the courts of Petersburg, an appeals court overturned the verdict in connection with the «inconsistency of the court conclusions presented in the sentence, to actual circumstances of the case and a substantive violation of criminal procedure law.»