In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in photobacteria the emergency situations Ministry. Archive photoIn the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

Unparalleled in scope, the program of equipment of housing large families and socially vulnerable families, with systems for early fire warning will be implemented in the Novosibirsk region this year due to the current difficult situation with the fires, told RIA Novosti the chief of GUMCHS in the region, Victor Orlov.

In the Novosibirsk region is complicated operational situation with fires formed, starting from December 5 last year, when the RHD Foundation in Iskitim district in the village of Steppe was a tragedy in which a fire killed five children. New year the region has met a serious cold, then after 8 Jan warming came, then came the frosts.

The situation is complicated

«Such a situation with the change of weather has complicated the situation with the fires. I note that the response to all fires was efficient and timely from both the voluntary fire brigades and professional fire fighters,» — said Orlov.

He noted that the beginning of the deterioration of the situation on the 4th of January put the fire on the Shoe production in iskitimskiy district, which killed ten people, nine of whom are citizens of foreign countries.

«The fire continues operational-investigative activities. But here the situation was not caused by factors that usually perish in fires. People went to extinguish the fire and, one might say, was killed in the performance of their official duties. In fact it is so» — said the head of cupola.

There are three main causes of fires in the region. This is a malfunction or perekal furnaces, wiring and careless handling of fire.

The chief of GUMCHS stated that compared to last year, the number of people killed by fires in January 2018 increased by almost three times. According to the statistics 34 people were killed. According to operational data a few more. This is due to the exact cause of death, associated or not associated with the fire. About 70% of the victims are people of socially unprotected categories. Of them about 70% of cases being in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

With the onset of unusually cold weather – Epiphany frosts fell and the temperature in the homes of residents of the region, which led to more intensive work of various furnaces and heaters. In the end, quantitative indicators of fires was exceeded by 30% compared to the same period last year. There have been more than 240 fires.

The fire in the factory killed 10 people

«The fire showed the problem of small businesses that went out under routine supervision and control, in connection with what this enterprise is worked even in the absence of its official commissioning. Roughly speaking, the enterprise worked, and legally it was not. Now preventive work mostly takes place at a registered business. Problematic without violation of the law to take measures to enterprises, which actually is not» — said Viktor Orlov.

He noted that the Prosecutor’s office, SC, local authorities, but the problem remains. To take action, he said, often prevents aggressive policy of unscrupulous entrepreneurs towards the authorities.

«Revealing the last case with a burnt base stay in the Horde district. We all understand that in fact it is the hospitality cluster, but in fact it turns out that this «cottage, which was visited by friends.» These objects, unfortunately, are many. Some objects are kept under control, some drop out for various reasons», — says the chief of GUMCHS.

However, he was sure that no object in any territory won’t work without the knowledge of the head of the municipality.

«Grandma will drive the moonshine and the head will know. The local authorities give permission to build, allocate under this land, looking, built or not. Yes, the functions of supervision are not met, but who is the master on-site? A popularly elected mayor,» he said.

In this Orlov believes that the fire is not exactly related to the fact that the company was working citizens of China and Kyrgyzstan. He said that the fire spread rapidly, detonated chemical substances – glue, solvent, were at the company. Employees, on the contrary, a very responsible attitude to property and our work.

«We must consider the mentality of, for example, citizens of China – they are extremely Executive. How to evaluate their actions…even in the fire safety regulations there is a paragraph on fighting primary means, which they did. The situation, in my opinion, in violation of fire safety rules during the construction, operation, and storage of materials,» he said.

To detect the fire early

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk oblasti the fire at the camp site on lake Baikal, two people died, seven postradala management noted that the rescuers, of course, know all possible risks, including those associated with the usual for the Siberian frosts, so the work to improve the situation conducted systematically.

«Now the priority is given to early detection of fires. If you take the statistics, 70% -80% of fires occur in private homes. Of these, about 60% is in the remote settlements. And if for 2014-2016 we have closed systems for early detection of fires all the time, as for social facilities, where possible extremely grave consequences, then in 2016 we have set the task of working with socially vulnerable families and, above all, large families,» — said Orlov.

The main direction in this work — installation of a smoke fire detector. In collaboration with one of the local businesses, professionals GUMCHS found the best equipment, which ensures guaranteed to attract attention to the fire in its initial stages.

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in the Omsk blastiose a fire in a hostel near Omsk hospitalized three people»Is an Autonomous detectors with GSM-module with a signal to mobile phones. According to world statistics, deaths by fire usually occurs on the eighth-ninth minute from the time of the fire, in most cases from carbon monoxide poisoning. As would have been trained and prepared our units, their arrival time depends on the time of fire detection. In private homes this time usually becomes the output time of the open flame from the house, and it is already too late to save often certain, and the main task of firefighters is to prevent the spread of the fire,» he said.

Autonomous detector – early action. A device with a GSM module instantly sends a phone message to neighbors about the danger, so you can within two minutes to save people and property. The detector is guaranteed to catch a small fire, which usually can be eliminated with a glass of water, said the head of government.

Scale project

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Sergey Kuznetsovite in fotobank MOE has called the possible cause of the fire in the Yakut, kotelnaya of January 1, 2018, the region has more than 6 thousands of detectors, of which GSM module – 434. It is very small, said Viktor Orlov.

«Fire the death of five people in Iskitim district was particularly revealing and acting Governor of the region Andrey Travnikov took a preliminary decision about one-time equipment consisting on the account in bodies of social protection of large families by the detectors of the new generation. The calculation is performed. Of these families, we’ve got about 36 to 38 thousand. This number also included families with living alone pensioners and the disabled,» he said.

All census socially vulnerable and composed of different types of census families in the region of approximately 117 thousand. Of GUMS offers in 2018 to equip a new generation of detectors with a signal to mobile phones houses and apartments 36-38 thousand families, and the rest of the family to equip ordinary detectors, emits a loud sound, to rouse a deeply sleeping drunk person. All documents with the calculations on installing a few days ago sent to the government of the region.

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Sergey Poweroperated in fotobank Serpukhov put out a fire at the oil depot»In fact in the budget now there are nearly 6.5 billion rubles, which is only 2 thousands of families with five and more children. Subject to the municipal budgets — about $ 10 million. The total funds which we proposed to consider acting Governor, is about 180 million rubles. The issue is resolved,» — said Orlov.

He explained that the acting Governor has already approved the funding of 100 million rubles. If the possibilities of the budget will be limited, and to allocate 180 million does not work, the program can perform not one but two years.

«We are not a pilot, but an innovative region. This operating principle we suggested last year, finding a organization with a technical solution. The principle was supported and recommended for the territory of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. Now engaged in this issue and our neighbours. Speaking about the project, supported by the head of the region, this project has not yet happened anywhere in Russia,» — said the head of cupola.

Prevention and formalism

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate fotobanka in the Perm region in the fire killed five chelovechkov GUMCHS said that in connection with the deterioration of the situation with fires in three-fold increase in the number of professionals who daily come for preventive work with the population. The main direction – socially-unprotected families. If every day on the field, this work is done 400-500 people, now it is 1.2-1.5 thousand people with the involvement of village chiefs.

«Are also active in the media. In addition, we have ceased to veil the diplomatic words of a divergence in the organization of work of municipalities. It may not be politically correct, when we question the professionalism of the work in the municipalities… But it gives the effect,» he admitted.

The main claim to the authorities in the field formalism in the work, when reports one information, but in fact the data are quite different.

«In this regard, the work of the Main Department of EMERCOM transferred to the mode «Emergency». Today formed six mobile teams who carry out the verification work of local authorities with a daily report. Yes, it is a fact of the formal approach. Recheck where was established an Autonomous detectors. Cases of malfunction identified. Cases mere delivery in the hands, not of the installation, and the lack of training also revealed,» — said Orlov.

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© Photo : IA «Biysk district» / Darya Pushkova Residents of Biysk took home more than 50 dogs and cats after a fire in priation gave an example of the tragedy in one of the houses in Moshkovsky area, where on January 16 in a fire at home in one of the garden societies, killing two children. After the fire it was found that mothers gave fire detector, but it was never installed.

«It’s a shame that the authorities have heeded our words, purchased the detector, I found people who were distracted from their main work, they came, talked to the family, gave my detector and left. By the way, moshkovskiy district prevention one of the best. Had to come and forcibly his tie,» — said the head of government.

He also said that ordinary things become when people begin to abandon the detectors, because they are triggered, for example, from Smoking in the house, and a loud sound is very irritating. It happens that the device is removed from the ceiling, throw it away.

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobanks brought the case after the death of two children in a fire in the West of Moscow»Think that it is easier to give up, to then being accused of what the device was, and you didn’t take care of their children. Now local authorities often say, «once you refuse, then we will cross out», but it’s wrong. If the family leads an asocial life, where drinking and fights, it is not necessary to conclude about the failure to install detectors, but you need to take all measures to at least ensure the safety of children. And it turns out that parents care only about their convenience,» stated Viktor Orlov.

He believes that it is necessary to change the approach to this work and overall mentality involved in this line of authorities. «It is clear that the Constitution of the Russian Federation determines the inviolability of the home, the rights and freedoms of the citizen, but without limiting the rights and freedoms of a citizen, we disregard the rights of his children or elderly parents. This is unacceptable,» he said.

The incentive for chiefs

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate fotobank in Saratov at a house fire injured three chelovekami of the new areas of fire-prevention work in the villages was the interaction with heads of settlements. Orlov noted that from this work there is a real effect and examples of personal courage of people, but the effect of the total of work that I would like to rescuers yet.

«Today the mayor — elected by the people person who works on a grant basis. Only three or four municipalities have provided material support for elders. The others confined themselves to declarative measures. This is a big minus. This institution needs to revive it on a regular basis. This is my personal opinion,» — said Orlov.

In the Novosibirsk region implemented large-scale fire program© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate fotobanka in the Khabarovsk region, has called the possible cause of the fire that killed dation reported that the government of the Novosibirsk region already solved, how will be financial support of village chiefs, funding is already incorporated in the target program. Per the elder — 6 thousand a year.

«Yes, money is small, but most importantly, we show that we need them, is important, and we are ready to evaluate them. Our next proposal would be to promote quarterly all chiefs except those on whose territory the accident occurred or there was loss of life. If there is a mass of incentives, neposredni it would be a shame and, perhaps, inspire to work, not to look a white crow. The proposal of the Main Directorate, which we will bring for discussion of the government of the region», — said the head of cupola.