Putin spoke about the use of funds from the reserves

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The government can use accumulated funds in the reserves for infrastructure development, including for export, said the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The current President, who is running for the upcoming presidential elections as independent candidate, on Tuesday held a meeting with his Trustees in the arcade. Earlier, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the meeting will be held outside of the presidential working time.

Putin during the meeting with the Trustees noted that the Russian budget was conservatively calculated based on the price for oil just over 40 dollars per barrel, while now it has reached 70 dollars. «Where would we put them? In reserve. This is another additional safety cushion. And it gives us the opportunity if necessary to use, by the way, the funds accumulated in the reserves for development, including for the development of infrastructure needed, including for export», — Putin said.

He stressed that in order to provide exports to the Asia-Pacific region, «we need to radically expand the possibility of the TRANS-Siberian railway train or BAM.»

«So, we need to invest there money. How do we take them? Already put them back where? From reserves. From the national welfare Fund», — he said.

«What we will work on support for export-oriented enterprises and industries is definitely going to do it,» — said Putin.

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