«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years later

Anatoly and Irina at the Kremlin wall. Freeze frame«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years later

«Red tourism» popular in China passion. Many tourists from China come to Russia in order to visit Lenin. It is not only a good incentive for the development of the industry, but creates a convenient platform for bilateral relations between States. But Do Share and Zhao Ziliang it is also a return to childhood.«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years later

Children first the Chinese Communists

«I consider myself half Russian. My second homeland – the Soviet Union, Russia», — says the Shares, which are usually presented its Russian name Anatoly. In Chinese, he speaks with a slight accent, but speaks Russian perfectly. This feature of Anatolia from childhood in Russia, he lived almost fifteen years of his life.

If shares of (Anatoly), a graduate of Interdome. Freeze frame«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years laterIf shares of (Anatoly), a graduate of Interdome. Freeze frame

His parents brought him to the Soviet Union when he was two years old. At that time in China there was a civil war, and it wasn’t the safest place to raise children. So many children of party functionaries with the fake documents were taken to the Soviet Union. For example, such a fate was waiting for Sergey Yongfu he was one of the first pupils of Interpoma (International children’s home in Ivanovo – approx. ed.). During the great Patriotic war he, being a tanker, had reached Czechoslovakia. Few comrades then knew that is together with the son of Mao Zedong.

Irina Zhao Ziliang. Freeze frame«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years laterIrina Zhao Ziliang. Stop cadru manger Anatoly befriended Zhao Ziliang or, as it was then called, Irina. She was a daughter of the Chinese Communists and was only a year younger than the Shred. Their friendship for almost 80 years, and both have memories of a very bright period in the life associated with InterComm. Now they decided to visit Russia, to refresh your memory of these warm images.

Lenin as a brand

Despite the fact that their journey has its own specific purpose, they, like most tourists from China can not deny yourself the opportunity to visit Lenin’s places. For the Chinese, Lenin – a Russian brand, like a bear or a doll. It is very fashionable to bring home a souvenir of Lenin and clearly utter the phrase «October revolution».

«About Lenin we have heard since childhood and know a lot about him. That’s why we wanted to see how and where he lived and worked,» — says Anatoly. That’s why he’s with his girlfriend decides to enjoy the rides – the place where Lenin worked after the assassination attempt on him in 1922.

Health «the leader of the revolution» is legendary. In particular, even after being wounded, Lenin tried hard on their own to chair meetings of the CPC and was simply to late. After the first delay it was possible to escape a severe reprimand. After the second forfeit wages for the day. The third would be a resignation from the post of Commissar.

Rolls-Royce Of Vladimir Lenin. Freeze frame«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years laterRolls-Royce Of Vladimir Lenin. Freeze frame

Irina and Anatoly also demonstrated the famous «rolls Royce» of Lenin, to which in winter set ski. After that, they had lunch at a local cafeteria and acknowledged that the soup that is served there is the soup of their childhood.

Then they visited Moscow on red square near the Kremlin wall visited the grave of Elena Stasova – their «international mom», the founder of the Ivanovo orphanage.

«All our life we will remember you,» standing in front of a commemorative plaque says Irina. On the third day of his stay in Russia, they visited the home where their childhood. They left it 67 years ago.The fountain «mercury» in the courtyard of Interdome. Freeze frame«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years laterThe fountain «mercury» in the courtyard of Interdome. Freeze frame

Childhood home

Interdom was established in 1933, but Irina and Anatoly got there just in 1941, during the evacuation of their kindergarten. By the time they began to bring their children, and children from Russia. So I got here Galina Gears – it was taken from the siege of Leningrad, where hunger, her mother died. Another pupil of interdome, Valentine Vyrostkov during the great Patriotic war, lost his parents and older brother. Both Russian pupils came to meet my Chinese childhood friends. It also came Olga Zhou, who also studied with Anatoly and Irina.

From the old Interdome there remained only the fountain of mercury, however, five pupils imbued with childhood memories. Together they sing songs, which they taught as a child, I remember hiding in dugouts on the river TALCO from bombing during the war, as it was then played together.

Former pupils of this orphanage does not happen. And next year, in honor of the 85th anniversary of Interdome they promise each other to be together once again here, and Irina and Anatoly undertake to bring in Ivanovo and more Chinese graduates.

Anatoly and Irina with classmates. Freeze frame«Red tourism»: back in the USSR, 70 years laterAnatoly and Irina with classmates. Freeze frame