Russian cosmonauts on the ISS will be in space 2 Feb

© NASAМеждународная space stationRussian cosmonauts on the ISS will be in space 2 Feb© NASA

Russian cosmonauts on the International space station (ISS) will be released into space on 2 February for works to the external surface of the station, NASA announced Tuesday.

The planned spacewalk will be performed by the commander of the ISS Alexander Misurkin and flight engineer Anton shkaplerov. In the Moscow mission control Center (MCC) RIA Novosti confirmed that work on Board the ISS will be held on 2 February.

According to the received RIA Novosti news Agency the message of NASA, the astronauts will leave the station at approximately 18:34 Moscow time and will work on its external surface is about 6.5 hours. As have informed in NASA, the Russian cosmonauts will be centered around the Russian service module «Zvezda», which will install a new electronic control unit for communication with Russian mission control, the astronauts will also confiscate the materials science experiments from the service module and make photos of its outer surface.

NASA, which plans to broadcast live Russian Duo on its website, noted that crew commander Misurkin this is the fourth spacewalk, Shkaplerov for the second.