Scientists have found the true author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Cmtravelonline the currently known lifetime portrait of ShakespeareScientists have found the true author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tsinker

The Australian scientists came to the conclusion that William Shakespeare is not the primary author of anonymous plays «Edward III». The results of the study posted on the website

The staff of the Australian national University, Charles Sturt University and the defence science and technology found that a total of 14 of the 19 stages of works were written by the English playwright Thomas Kyd.

Australian researchers compared the text of the play with other works of Shakespeare and the kid, using the technique of RPAS. It relies on four neurolinguistic indicator: completeness of vocabulary, the use of personal pronouns and sentence, as well as a verbal description of feelings and sensations. This neurolinguistic approach allows to reveal the identity of the author through his writing style.

The results showed that the main author of «Edward III» was Thomas Kyd: he wrote 12 scenes of the play. Five scenes works were written by Shakespeare, two Kyd and Shakespeare in collaboration, scientists believe. Thus the parts of «Edward III», which were generally attributed to Shakespeare, he did not write, and the kid.

«From the analysis it is clear that Thomas Kyd wrote most of the plays William Shakespeare played a less significant role,» the study says.

Most literary scholars credited with authorship of anonymous plays «Edward III», also known as «the Reign of king Edward III», William Shakespeare. Some are of the opinion that the work was written by Shakespeare in collaboration with other writers. In addition, there is a hypothesis that the play is from the pen of Christopher Marlowe.