Scientists told how to increase the probability of healthy child birth

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Greek scientists have found that Mediterranean diet increases a woman’s chances of having a healthy baby. Their study is published in the journal Human Reproduction.

The main components of Mediterranean cuisine are fruit, vegetables, cheeses and other dairy products, nuts, fish, olive oil. Several studies had been conducted, the results of which pointed to the benefits of this diet: for example, it was argued that such a diet strengthens the bones of older persons and improves the functioning of the brain.

As noted in the press release, the new study involved 244 women who were undergoing the in vitro fertilization. They completed a questionnaire, where they indicated what foods were eaten in the past six months. After receiving the questionnaires, the researchers broke participants into three groups depending on the MedDiet indicator that evaluates how their diet close to the Mediterranean.

It was found that the group with the lowest numbers of successful pregnancies was lower than in the others. The increase in MedDiet for every five points (only 55 scale) increases the probability of healthy child birth in 2.7 times.

Scientists notice that for a successful conception it is important, and diet of men: earlier studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet improves the quality of the seed.