The American Church of Satan is seen in the sex-dolls the salvation of mankind

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in potamanthidae swim on rubber women inflatable Bubble Baba Challenge Nsk NovosibirskThe American Church of Satan is seen in the sex-dolls the salvation of mankind© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Booming in recent years, the production of realistic sex dolls will save people from dark desires and save mankind, according to the American followers of the Church of Satan.

«Scientists are developing extremely realistic artificial companions for humans, both dolls, and virtual Facebook friends,» reads the website of the Church.

The Satanists say that the founder of their Church Anton LaVey a few decades ago predicted the development of production human companions. In his «five point Program» LaVey stated that it was necessary to develop and promote «humanoids», since the interaction with the machine will save the society, save people from dark thoughts, allowing them to feel power over someone else.

«Your job as a Satanist is to define and achieve their own happiness. And that will tell you a different religion? After all, you don’t have to pay tithe, give money donations, to love our neighbor and turn the other cheek. You just need to apply your strength and skills to turn the world for you and those you appreciate, comfortable shelter… Seek pleasure, avoid pain and be effective,» write the Satanists.