The Deputy told what should be the tax system in Russia

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The tax system in Russia should be simple and understandable for citizens and businesses alike, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Gleb Choir.

He recalled that 2018 is the year of making decisions on the setting of the tax system, the need for which has previously said Russian President Vladimir Putin. «The head of state proposed to Orient the tax system in such a way that it stimulated business activity, economic growth and investment, creating competitive conditions for the development of domestic enterprises. Existing fiscal incentives should be streamlined, and the current tax policy is to ensure the stability and predictability of the tax system,» — said the Deputy.

«Predictability of the tax system is paramount for business. The tax system should be competitive and stimulating out of the shadows. It should also be remembered that no state in the world will not be able to force the taxpayer to pay more than he is willing to pay for myself,» said Choir.

«Paying any tax should be comfortable both for people and for businesses. Moreover, the taxpayer needs to be clear guidance on what will be the tax burden on them. We can’t endlessly discuss tax changes, keeping everyone on their toes. Finally it is necessary to clearly define which direction to move. Meanwhile, the tax burden should not increase,» — believes the first Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee.

Questions relating to problems and possible ways of tweaking the tax system, was discussed by the budget Committee in consultation with leading business associations – RSPP, «Business Russia» «Support of Russia». «The principled position of the business, and our Committee lies in the fact that the adjustment of the tax system should not come at the expense of regional and local budgets», — said in turn Deputy Chairman of the Committee on budget and taxes Leonid Simanovsky.

For business it is important that the regions and municipalities have sustainable sources of income. Otherwise, they will be forced to take measures to increase the revenue part of their budgets, including by increasing the tax burden on business, said the MP. Very important topic for business are non-tax payments, he continued. «So we have to decide and make decisions not only on taxes but also on non-tax payments. And remember that improving tax administration allows not to increase the fiscal burden on business», — said Simanovsky.

He noticed that recently again there are proposals on the necessity of avoiding a flat scale of taxation of incomes, will allow time to clear salary, and return to a progressive scale. «The initiators of this approach somehow forget that the progressive scale of tax on income of physical persons (NDFL) is not only difficult from the point of view of its administration, but also contributes to the care of the shadows. And, therefore, return to it again can lead to lower receipts from personal income tax to the budget system of the country», — said the Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee.

He also believes that introducing these or other new instruments of tax control, it is necessary to leave those that have become obsolete. The MP noted the need to end the practice of repeated changes during the year in one and the same article of the Tax code (NK). «After all, this is not conducive to the stability of the tax system and makes it less predictable for the taxpayer», — said the Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee.

In addition, NC a large number of reference norms to other normative acts adopted by the government of the Russian Federation. «About half of them refers to the elements of taxation and allows, in fact, to change them without making any changes to the legislation. So we will have to decide which way we want to go further – leave it as is or try as much detail as possible to prescribe in Nagorno — Karabakh,» concluded Simanovsky.

Member of the Committee on budget and taxes Vladislav Reznik believes that it is necessary rather cautiously approach to adoption at the Federal level laws, resulting in a decrease in tax revenues in regional budgets and, consequently, reduces their tax base. «When making such decisions, first of all, you need to calculate all possible consequences, to clearly understand what it will bring, and whether to require compensation from the Federal budget in case of shortfall in income in the regions», — he explained.