The EC is ready to sue the nine countries of the EU due to air pollution

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy fotobanka in the EU in the European quarter in Brussels. Archive photoThe EC is ready to sue the nine countries of the EU due to air pollution© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

The European Commission on Tuesday warned Ministers of the nine member countries of the EU that will serve them in court if they do not offer measures to improve air quality and take steps to prevent pollution, said the European Commissioner for the environment Carmen Vella.

Tuesday Vella organised in Brussels a Ministerial meeting on issues of clean air, which was attended by the representatives of great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, France and the Czech Republic. These countries have already received a reasoned opinion to the EC in connection with excess of permissible level of air pollution in accordance with EU regulations, now the EC can submit them to the EU Court. In the European Union in 2008 introduced the indicators of the limit concentrations in the air of suspended particles PM10, and 2010 for nitrogen dioxide.

Speaking to journalists after the Ministerial meeting, Vella said that every year due to air pollution premature deaths of 400 thousand citizens of the EU countries.

«In connection with the long inaction and amid the continued legal procedures, I called on all members to urgently address this problem, posing a threat to life. Inaction leads to consequences for the citizens and pollution of the air they breathe. Member countries are responsible, they must act, inaction has legal implications for the respective member countries,» said Vella, noting that «the Ministers recalled how on the responsibility and legal consequences.»

He reported that the EC does not intend to postpone the time within which the member countries of the EU had to take measures to prevent air pollution.

«Yes, this morning I made some new commitments (from the EU). All these commitments will be studied by my colleagues. We also told members that if they have any additional suggestions, they should present them not later than Monday,» said the Commissioner.

Answering a question, address whether the EC in court, he said, «Yes, we’ll do it.»

«The only thing that can prevent the EC to go to court, that they are presenting and the actions they will undertake in their countries, enough to immediately achieve their goals,» said Vella.