The inhabitant of Komi that killed his wife for immoral behavior, has received nine years of a colony

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobanka trial. Archive photoThe inhabitant of Komi that killed his wife for immoral behavior, has received nine years of a colony© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Knyazhpogostsky district court of Komi has sentenced to 9 years in a penal colony local resident, who killed his young wife because of immorality and burned her remains, according to the Republican Prosecutor’s office.

As has established court, in the fall of 2016 a resident of knyazhpogostsky district of the Komi had a fight with his wife, who was younger than his 20 years, «on the grounds of her immoral behaviour, disrespect for the husband and lack of care for joint minor children».

«During the argument the man grabbed his wife by the throat with one hand, and another struck some strong blows to the neck, from which the woman died on the spot. After fruitless attempts to bring a spouse into the feeling the man understood that he had killed her and decided to conceal the corpse. He took out a body in a nearby Ust-Vym district, dumped the remains in a ditch, doused in flammable liquid and set on fire,» — said the Prosecutor.

It clarifies the Republican Supervisory authority, in November the police reported found a human skull, it was later revealed that the skull belonged to a murdered woman. During the preliminary investigation, the husband confessed to the crime, and in the course of check of indications on a place showed how carried out the crime, but in the course of the proceedings the court refused this testimony, the Prosecutor’s office.

«The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of 9 years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of strict regime. The verdict has not entered into force», — informs the Supervisory authority of the Komi Republic.