The Ministry proposed a programme to create artificial organisms

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoreceptori. Archive photoThe Ministry proposed a programme to create artificial organisms© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation proposes to implement a multi-year programme «post-genomic backbone», in the final, which will be the possible adjustments in human genomes and the creation of artificial body, said Tuesday in Novosibirsk at the meeting of the working group on development of biotechnology Deputy head of the Ministry Grigory Trubnikov.

«For 2017, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of health, Ministry of agriculture and other ministries and agencies, we developed a comprehensive scientific and technical program «post-genome Magistral». The programme we propose to develop genetic editing as an element of Russia’s participation in the formation of the sixth technological structure that resemble natural ones», he said.

According to Trubnikov, the program has collected a set of domestic developments that use genomic and post-genomic methods for solving problems of genetic editing of biological systems. With the program position, the security of the state lies primarily in the possibility of a dramatic increase in the volume of production of food resources and minimize import dependence.

«The main part of this program will be implemented over the next 6-7 years. This is one of the subprogrammes of the new state programme for scientific and technological development of Russia. Budgets and timelines are comparable with investments of foreign governments in these programs,» he said.

Proceeding from the presented slides at the meeting, «post-genomic backbone» will require 18.3 billion rubles from the Russian budget and 10.7 billion will be extra-budgetary funding.

The first step of the program is expected to solve the problem of getting the genomes of thousands of microorganisms. The second will be a synthesis of engineering biosimilar designs. According to Trubnikov, for plants this will lead to increase in terms of storage, for animals, the possibility of growing organs in ecosystems to wastewater treatment microorganisms.

«The third step will be a limited moral and medical application in order to adjust the genome of terminally ill people. At the end of the program we want to put the creation of a simple artificial organism. First of all, this body will need to fight massive infections, and this situation is increasing the human population, animals and plants will be all the worse,» — said the Deputy head of the Ministry of education.

According to him, to develop a technology for creating synthetic organisms Ministry of education and science proposes in the next ten years. Trubnikov also said that to save humanity in the next 15-20 years have, in principle, to abandon livestock farming, replacing animal bioreactors. He added that the program of Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in 2018 will propose for approval to the RF government.